Make A Stuffy For Your Stuffy!

Make A Stuffy For Your Stuffy!

My daughter decided her stuffed animal needed a stuffed animal of it’s own. In this project you will create a small Stuffy so that your stuffed animal won’t be lonely when you are away.


Pencil + art journal

Fleece fabric

Stuffing material (buy this at a fabric or craft store, or re-purpose items – cut up old socks , pantyhose, gloves…)





niya's super cool stuffy drawingsStep One: Design your Stuffy

This is one of the best parts of creating. Draw as many ideas as you can. Let your creativity free and know there are no mistakes in this process. The more you dream, the more interesting your creation may be. You may start with one idea and modify it as you reach different steps or challenges in your project. Let this be exciting.

Once you have a drawing you like, separate each body part so you can create a pattern for each piece. In the drawing above, notice how the body is one piece, the eyes are one piece, the tail and so on.

niya cuts her stuffyStep Two: Cut Out the Body Parts

Take the fabric you want to use for the body. Cut it in the general shape of your Stuffy’s body. You’ll need to cut a front and a back. If your stuffy has a tail or arms, cut out two of each of these as well. My daughter choose to make a very large eye for her stuffy, so we cut out two pieces for that too.


sew the face bluesuziStep Three: Sew On the Face and Back Features

Our Stuffy only had features on the front, so we choose a cool button, made the eye and then sewed them on to create our Stuffy’s very handsome face.





bluesuzi tail unique and quirkyStep Four: Attach Tail and Limbs

We had a tail we wanted to attach from the side. My daughter choose not to have arms or legs, but if  you have another appendage you would like attach,  now is the time. Pin your tail (or whatever you dreamed up) so that it will lay on your top layer.  Notice in our image how the tail looks like it will be moving in towards the midline of the body. As we  continue the project, this will flip and the tail will  stick out as it should.

blue suziStep Five: Attach Fpin it super cool bluesuziront to Back

Lay the back piece on top of the front piece so that the wrong side is facing up. (The right side of fabric is the side you eventually want to face out. The wrong side is the side that will not be seen once your project is finished.) Pin the edges together. Make sure your tail or other limbs are also being pinned so they too will be sewn at the seam. Leave an un-sewn section at the top so that you can turn your project inside out and stuff it.


Stsew bluesuziep Six: Sew by Hand or Machine

Remember to sew through all the layers: front, back and appendages. Also, leave a whole for turning.







Step Seven: Turn It and Stuff It!

Push the bottom of your Stuffy through the opening you left. Turn it inside out, which is actually right-side out. Take a look. It should look like a flattened version of your dream stuffy. How cute! Now stuff it!

turn it bluesuzi.comstuff it

Step Eight: Sew the Opening

We used our stitching to close the opening as a design element. This means we thought it would be cool to show the threads as if they were hair or whiskers at the top. Notice the dark, thick thread we used below. You can hide your stitch or make it a piece of your creation. You choose!

stuff it dark thread super cool bluesuzi

Final Step: LOVE your Stuffy!

stuffy love

You know how to do this step without any instruction. Enjoy!

Skateboard Journal DIY

Skateboard Journal DIY

Hey Y’All.

I bet you too have been wondering what to do with all those roughly used skateboards that your husband keeps trying to throw out. I imagine these used up decks with all kinds of new lives: furniture, jewelry, coaster, combs…

There are some sweet designers and artists out there re-using this colorful wood, like deckstool and MapleXO. I want to join this gang of dreamers. Here is my first offering. If you want one made especially for you, email me your deep desires, I am will start construction ASAP.

My daughters super cool, creative and inventive best buddy, Maggie, recently moved all the way from our Boston town to some place hot and southern in South Carolina. As a gift, I made her this journal. I know she is filling it up with dynamic creatures and intense stories as we speak.


habitat skateboard deck journal

I cut up a deck, pulled together a bunch of different writing papers and envelopes and used sinew thread to bind it up. The library had lots of guides on how to bind books, something I have been experimenting with for the past 20 years. It was fun to revisit this old love and learn some real techniques versus my historically slip-shop constructions. BookCraft, by Heather Weston, along with a bunch of other books, helped me find my proper bind and fill me up with inspiration.

The Green Forest Baby Dress

The Green Forest Baby Dress

Babies are super cute to begin with. Add a sweet little dress, and wowsa… your heart melts all over the floor.

All the baby dress are unique. Different materials and designs allow for fun, creativity and spunk. The perfect outfit for a rainy day, sure to bring a smile to your face.

This is the Green Forest dress. Sleeveless and cotton with snap enclosures at back. Great as is in warm weather, or layered with some sweet baby boots in the winter.

But it in baby + kid.