Skateboard Journal DIY

Skateboard Journal DIY

Hey Y’All.

I bet you too have been wondering what to do with all those roughly used skateboards that your husband keeps trying to throw out. I imagine these used up decks with all kinds of new lives: furniture, jewelry, coaster, combs…

There are some sweet designers and artists out there re-using this colorful wood, like deckstool and MapleXO. I want to join this gang of dreamers. Here is my first offering. If you want one made especially for you, email me your deep desires, I am will start construction ASAP.

My daughters super cool, creative and inventive best buddy, Maggie, recently moved all the way from our Boston town to some place hot and southern in South Carolina. As a gift, I made her this journal. I know she is filling it up with dynamic creatures and intense stories as we speak.


habitat skateboard deck journal

I cut up a deck, pulled together a bunch of different writing papers and envelopes and used sinew thread to bind it up. The library had lots of guides on how to bind books, something I have been experimenting with for the past 20 years. It was fun to revisit this old love and learn some real techniques versus my historically slip-shop constructions. BookCraft, by Heather Weston, along with a bunch of other books, helped me find my proper bind and fill me up with inspiration.